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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Pain No Gain!

Why is pain so important?  Because without pain there can be no growth.  It is undeniable that pain is apart of life.  The question becomes how do you react to it?  Do you wallow in pain? Or do you seek to learn the lesson that pain desires to teach you?  As Christians we often feel we should be exempt from pain on this on earth. God never promised us that in fact he promise us that we would experienced much pain on this earth.  However, he did promise us that there would come a day where he would wipe all of our tears away and take all our pain away!  This will be in the new heaven and on the new earth!

You see there are three aspects to this thing called salvation.  First is when a sinner acknowledges their a sinner in need of a savior, believes unto righteousness in their heart, and confess with their mouth that Jesus is the Son of God.  Then a person becomes what we called saved. They are now in right standing with God because they have been justified by the blood of the lamb (justification) .

Then there is sanctification this is the process where the pain takes place.  Pain is necessary because you or being conform to the image of Christ.  It may involved some heartache, it may involved some tears, and a lot of preserverence, but its for our own good.

Finally, there is glorification this occurs when Jesus comes back for the church and we are transform within a twinkling of an eye.  This aspect of salvation that keeps the believer encouraged to finish the course.

As the old saying goes no pain no gain!

Scripture Reference:  Rev. 21:1-5, John 15:11

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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