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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lies Of The Enemy: Just A Little Bit

Curtis Jackson better known by his alias 50 Cent made the song "Just A Little Bit" famous on his diamond selling album, "Get Rich or Die Trying."  His premise was all he needed from the young lady was a little bit.  Isn't that how the enemy works?  So crafty, so cunning, and so convincing isn't that how Eve was tempted?  Come on Eve eat of the fruit just a little bit and like Eve many of us fall for the lie of a little bit.  So what does the lie of a little bit look like today?

  • Gone ahead hit that all you need is a little bit.
  • Gone ahead and taste that illegal substance all you need is a little bit.
  • All you need is a little bit of prayer.
  • You only need to read your Bible a little bit.
  • You only need to go to church a little bit.
  • You only need to serve in ministry a little bit.
Remember the enemy ultimately does not mind if you profess Jesus the enemy is concern with you not exhibiting Jesus.  The enemy doesn't care if you pray as long as you don't pray until something happens. The enemy doesn't care if you read your Bible as long as you don't get any nourishment.  The enemy doesn't care if you go to church as long as you don't experience God in the worship experience.  The enemy doesn't care if you serve in ministry as long as the ministry is not effective.   How does the enemy accomplish this?  By making you content with just a little bit!!  Will you believe the lie?

Scripture Reference: 3:1-6

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lies Of Enemy: Because You Can You Should

One of the biggest lies the enemy tells believers in my opinion is because you can you should.  Contrary to popular opinion the enemy often chooses to work in subtle ways opposed to more open or overt ways. So Trell what does this lie look like?  So glad you asked!!  For example, just because you have a few extra bucks doesn't mean you have to go shopping! Why not give to someone in need? Or donate to a mission effort? The enemy wants you to focus on doing things that are not necessarily sinful but  things that are not constructive or beneficial!!  However, it is sinful to have the ability to help your brother and then willful choose not to do so. Same is true when it comes to how we spend our time! Just because you have the day off doesn't mean you have to lay around and do nothing!  Why not volunteer that time at a local school, soup kitchen, or visit someone in the hospital or nursing home?  Once again there is nothing sinful about laying around and doing nothing on your day off but just because you can doesn't mean you should!  However, it is sinful not respond to those in need when you have the ability to meet the need.

The Bible declares in 1 Corinthians 10:23 that  "everything is permissible"--but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible"--but not everything is constructive.  In others words the writer is suggesting to us just because you can doesn't mean you should!  

Scripture Reference: 1 Cornithians10:23

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Weight Of Sin

Everywhere you turn there is a billboard, pop up, magazine ad, newspaper ad, or commercial about losing weight!  I would like to suggest to you that weight is like sin.  Easy to add on but hard to get rid of.  Truth is it's easy to find yourself indulge in sin but it is hard to alleviate that sin from your life. In fact, your sin might be gluttony (overeating).  Let's consider a few similarities between weight and sin:

  • Both are hazardous to your health.  Sin is hazardous to your spiritual health while being overweight is hazardous to your physical health.
  • Both have quick fixes.  You can take weight loss pills and shed a few pounds. Likewise you can hear a good Word, get convicted of your sins, confess your sins, and ask forgiveness of your sins.  However these things are only temporary fixes.
  • Both require a lifestyle change.  You can do 30 pounds in 30 days but if you don't make a lifestyle change the pounds will come back.  Likewise you can feel convicted,  pray, and ask forgiveness all day long but if you don't repent and guard your heart the sin will come back.
  • Both can lead to low self-worth.  Many people eat because they have low self-esteem and eating provides them comfort. Likewise many people sin because they have low self-esteem and want to be accepted.
As you can see weight and sin  have a lot in common.  Weight can be sin and sin can be a heavy weight to carry if left unresolved.  God is concerned with the your holistic being: body, soul, and spirit.  If you are going to get rid of the weight of sin it is going to require a lifestyle change emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Scripture Reference: 1 Timothy 4:8  

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Morgan Freeman in his portrayal of Principal Joe Clark in the inspirational movie “Lean On Me” tells the story of a high school community in the inner city that does not have many resources where the students have no one to lean on.  As result the students has become discouraged and have no hope.  Then comes along Joe Clark who instills in them hope and provides for the students someone they can lean on.  This is the same message Paul communicates to us in Galatians 6:2 where he tells the church at Galatia that they must bear each other burdens.
Thesis:  If you are going to march on past your hardships you are going to have to find someone you can lean on!
Many of you may feel like the students of Eastside High life has beaten you up and knock you down time after time.  Everyone has seemed to have written you off and left you for dead.  Seems like there nowhere or no one you can turn to.   However right when you are ready to throw in the towel God provides someone for you to lean.   Kirk Franklin, Mary J. Blige, Sting, and others in their gospel remake said I am here you don’t have to worry.   Bill Withers said lean on me when you are not strong and Ill be your strength Ill helped you carry own cause in won’t be longed  I am going to need somebody to lean on.
You see Moses leaned on Jethro when he was experienced leadership hardships.
You see David leaned on Jonathan when he was experiencing persecution hardships.
You see Paul leaned on Barnabas when he was experiencing transitional hardships.
You see Joshua leaned on Caleb when he was experiencing courage hardships.
I suggest to you that if you are going to overcome your hardships in this life you are going to have find somebody you can lean on.  Perhaps for you it is that mother that always knows just the right word to say to lift your spirit.  Perhaps for you it is a father who is always there to get you that extra push you need.  Perhaps for you it is that brother or sister who always there to support you even when you in the wrong.   Perhaps for you it is that church member who extends themselves to you when you least expect it.  Perhaps for you it is a co-worker who comes to your aid that you thought didn’t like you. 
Paul knew from experience that this life would be full of hardships and that if you don’t have people in your life to help ease some of the burden that life would take you out.  For Paul he had Timothy, Luke, Titus, and John Mark amongst others to lean on when he was experiencing hardships.
Question becomes who do you lean on when you are experiencing hardships?   I here you saying well brother preacher I don’t have a Jethro, Jonathan, Barnabas, or Caleb in my life!  I don’t have any of those type people you describe earlier.  There is always Jesus who promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you! That’s literally what Christ does for us He picks up are burdens and carries them for you!  Next time you are experiencing hardships in your life you should have a little talk with Jesus because how many know that having a little talk with Jesus makes everything alright.  Another song writer said what a friend we have a Jesus all sins and griefs to bear what a privilege we have to take everything to the Lord in prayer.
Scripture reference:  Gal. 6:2

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Okay I admit every now and then I will YouTube some old Backstreet Boys.  Don't act like you didn't like them too!  Anyway one of my favorite songs was,” Quit Playing Games With My Heart."  In this song the guy appeals to the girl to quit playing games with his heart.  Either you want to take a chance at love or you don't but however you feel don't play games with my heart.

I begin to think about that in the context of our relationship with God.  What if God feels like the songwriter?  What if God said, "I want to be in relationship and fellowship with you but if you aren't serious about it don't play games with my heart.  You may be thinking how does one play games with God's heart? 

  • When you make a vow but have no real intentions of keeping you are playing games with God's heart.
  • When you know what's right but you continually choose to do wrong you are playing games with God's heart.
God desires to be in fellowship with each of us but sin separates of from God. Either you want to be in fellowship with God or you don't.  Remember fellowship comes at cost.  What's the cost?  An obedient life!!

Scripture Reference:  Isaiah 59:2

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis