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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

God's Mission Series: It's Not About You

I have been struggling with a burden on my heart for a while now.  Its seems that the body of Christ has lost its sense of direction so to speak.  Many believe that Jesus Christ died just for them and to some degree that is true.  However God's mission is not about you.  You just happened to be a part of the plan.  In this series I will seek to convey to you what I sense God's mission is in consultation with prayer, the biblical narrative, and others who have commented on the subject.

So let's begin with the Garden of Eden.  The story is well worn so I won't go through it here but here are some reflections through the lens of God's mission.

1.      God desires relationship and fellowship with man. This existed before the fall of Adam and Eve. Notice God created Adam in other words he reached out to him.
2.      God cares about all of creation as God gave Adam instructions on how to govern over creation.
3.      God has been in the process of redeeming all of creation back to God's self since the fall of Adam and Eve.
I'll stop there for now as I don't want to bombard you.  We have seen however that God is already at work in the world and we are called to participate in that work. Not the other way around.  We don't come up with an agenda and ask God to participate in it we ask God how we can participate in God's agenda in our context.  So ask yourself what is God doing in my context and how can I be apart?  Then and only then can you be in true relationship with God.   Amos asked how can to walk together unless they are agreed?

Scripture Reference: Genesis 2 & 3

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Nerve of Some Folk

You ever had one of those moments when it made you think the nerve of some folks.  I am pretty sure that is what David had to be thinking in 2 Samuel 15 when he learns that Absalom is leading a rebellion against him.  Just one chapter earlier he extended the grace card to Absalom when he didn't deserve it only for Absalom to respond by trying to overthrow his kingdom. 

Surely we all have some people like Absalom in our life.  Where it seems no matter what we do they still have it out for us but it is important to remember that God is the judge.  So how do you respond to the Absalom in your life?

  1. With much prayer.
  2. With loving kindness.
  3. With humility.

So the next time you have one of those moments that make you think the nerve of some folk remember how God would have you respond.

Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 15

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Don't Be So Quick To Judge

In 2 Samuel 12 David teaches you and I an important lesson about being quick to judge.  Nathan the prophet comes to David to confront him about David killing Uriah and taking Uriah's wife Bathsheba to be his own wife.  Nathan the wordsmith that he is gives us an Old Testament parable about a rich man, a poor man, and an ewe.  Once David hears this parable he quickly jumps to judgment of the rich man in the parable only to discover that he was the rich man.   Immediately upon hearing Yahweh's judgment David seeks out the mercy of God.  David teaches you and I:

· If we expect to receive mercy we first have to grant mercy.
· To be careful about placing judgment on others unless we are ready to receive that same judgment.
I wonder what the world would look like if we weren't so quick to judge one another.  I wonder what the Church would look like if we weren't so quick to judge one another.  I love it when an Old Testament parable speaks to a New Testament principle after all it was Jesus who said judge not less you be judged. 

Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel  12

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis