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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Effective Witness

Confession! Most of the time I find myself doing things that I would not to do.  I don't always respond with love and kindness when my buttons are pushed. I often find my mind thinking ungodly things.  The list could go on and on. So why is it that unbelievers believed that Christians are to be so perfect?  Is it because we try to put up a front instead of being honest with people?

For instance, let's just say I was going to witness to someone.
Hello, what is your name? My name is Ray Ray.

His response: look man I got get myself right before I can come to church.

Your response: man I am not right but God is working on me. You see I mess up all the time but God still loves me and he loves you to even though you are messed up! 

His response: so you are telling me that Jesus loves me in spite of what I do, what I have done, and even though I don't have a lot of money? 

Your response: yes, yes, and Jesus doesn't care about what you have only that you believe in him!

His response: So I can come just as I am and Jesus will accept me?  All I have to do is confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in my heart that God has raised him from the dead, then I will be saved?

Your response: Yes, then you enter into the body of believers.  So come to church with me so I can teach you what it means to be saved and a follower of Christ.

His response: I believe in Jesus the Christ and I will like to be baptized let's go to church!

You see honesty, love, and kindness is what draws people to Christ.

Scripture Reference:  Romans 10: 9-10

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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