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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Answer To A Higher Authority

This morning as I was looking at the Advertising Slogan Hall of Fame I came across an interesting slogan "We answer to a higher authority."  I said to myself I do too! Scali, McCabe & Sloves the creators of Hebrew National brand in 1975 promoted this slogan.  Now I will be the first to admit that I know nothing about 1975 other than "Soul Train," afros, and bell bottoms as I was not even born yet.  However I do think that this is still a powerful slogan.  As Christians we do answer to a higher authority but what I like about this our authoritative figure is HE is so WONDERFUL. The question becomes what does it mean that we answer to a higher authority?  Here are a few thoughts:

  1. It means we can't respond the way we want to respond.  When someone upset us we cannot use foul language towards them or cause them bodily harm. Why?  Because we answer to a higher authority! 
  2. It means we can't do everything that everyone else does.  We can't go to certain places because it may cause others to stumble or we can't spend all money on our heart desires. Why? Be we answer to a higher authority!
  3. It means we can't say one thing and do another. Why? Because we answer to a higher authority!
The Bible declares that each of us shall give account of himself to God.  So today I encourage us to live our lives as if we answer to a higher authority!

Scripture Reference: Romans 14:12

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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