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Monday, June 20, 2011

Do More

I know you may be thinking what is our slogan for today?  Well here it is "Do More" this slogan was made famous by American Express. The premise of the claim made by American Express is that with this card you can do more than you expected. Shouldn't that be our mindset as believers? Isn't that what our Christ did?  When the woman was caught in adultery not only did he preserve her life but did he not restore as well?  When the wine ran out at the celebration not only did he provide more wine but did he not provide the best wine that had ever been tasted?  Christ specialized in doing more than what was expected and so should we!  The question becomes how will you take advantage of the opportunities to do more than what is expected of you?  Here are a few subtle ways to do more:

  1. If there is a person who you only casually speak to DO MORE by taking the extra time take interest in how they are REALLY doing.
  2. If you have been volunteering at a place once a month for an hour per visit DO MORE by spending an extra half hour just to show you care.
Remember it is little things like this that makes a big difference in your witness for Christ.  I exhort you today in whatever area you can to DO MORE than is expected!

Scripture Reference: John 2, John 8

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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