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Monday, March 28, 2011

I Like You Alot

The question came up can't I just like a person do I have to love them?  Now the simple answer is just no you have to love them.  However, we all know that life is not that simple and the truth is we really just like people when we think about it.  You see "like" doesn't require any commitment in other words "like" is conditional.  You see when you "like" someone and they disappoint you "like" can walk away.  You see when you "like" someone and they don't like you back "like" can walk away.  When you "like" a church and something changes that you don't like then "like" can walk away. You see "like" is temporary while love is eternal.

Therefore, Jesus gives his disciples the commandment to love!  Love is the requirement that the world may know that we are his disciples it is by our love for one another.  The question becomes why is this command is given?  The answer is simple because Christ knew that love doesn't make since.  Let me show you the difference and I will quit.  The Bible declares what profit is it to love those who love you does not even the sinner does that.  I submit to you that is what "like" looks like!  Love however loves those who hates them, love is patient, and love is still there when you are hurt or disappointed.  Love is unconditional and peculiar and this type of love is not our own but it belongs to the Spirit of God that is gifted to each believer.

For the believer I like you alot just won't cut it. 

Scripture Reference:  John 13:35

God bless,

Bondservant Hollis

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