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Monday, March 14, 2011

Conform vs. Relevance

As the world continues to change the Church is place in a precarious position.  Many naysayers argue that the Church is conforming to the world in the Church's attempt to be relevant or adapt to the context it finds itself in today.  Since individuals who profess faith in Jesus The Christ make up the church it starts with each one of us. The line between conformity and relevance has always been very  thin however the Church must acknowledge the need to be relevant in the context it is in.

For instance after the temple was destroyed in approximately A.D. 67-70 the believers in Jesus Christ had to re-identified how they would worship God.  The temple was the place for which it was believed that God presence made its abode or dwelling place however the temple was no longer relevant.  If the Church had not being will to change then Christianity would have died with the destruction of the temple. So you see Christianity has been an adaptive religion from its inception. 

The question becomes why is it the Church has become so resistant to change?  Is it because many in the Church don't know their history?  Did author of John's Gospel conform when he called Christ the Logos in order to image Christ in a Greco-Roman World? Or did he make Christ relevant in the context he found himself in?

Let's take advantage of all the opportunities we have to make Christ relevant in a world which is desperately trying to make him irrelevant!

Scripture Reference: Romans 12:2

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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