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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lessons from Israel: Simeon

As we continue our journey of looking at the twelve sons of Jacob we come to Simeon who is often paired with his brother Levi. Simeon is Jacob's second son born to Leah. Simeon got his name because his mother felt unloved by Jacob and said God gifted her Simeon because God saw her unloved state. Simeon is what you would consider a hot-head. In other words he had a quick temper and often failed to control it.

 Simeon teaches us that anger prevents forgiveness. Dinah (Simeon sister) was raped by the Shechem. Simeon and his brother Levi slaughtered the men of the Shechem in a violent rage, ignoring the fact that a resolution had already been made by Jacob and Hamor (Shechem father). The residents of Shechem agreed to circumcise themselves and live in peace with Jacob’s family. Simeon allowed anger to cloud his judgment and took matters into his own hands along with his brother Levi. Often time we respond the same way as Simeon but God like Jacob in this narrative has already worked out the situation. Our problem is much like Simeon's we don't like our Father's justice. Just because our Father doesn't respond the way we think He ought to doesn't mean He hasn't responded.

Simeon ended up receiving a curse from his father instead of the customary blessing. What is anger keeping you from? Could it be the greatest blessing of them all which is fellowship with the Father.

Scripture Reference: Book of Genesis 34, 49

 God bless,

Bondservant Hollis

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