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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lessons From Israel: Gad

As we continue our journey through the twelve sons of Jacob we come to Gad.  Gad was the seventh son of Jacob, and the first born to his fourth wife, Zilpah.  Gad's name means fortune or good luck. Since I don't believe in luck I will go with fortune.  Zilpah was the servant of Leah Jacob's first wife.  Once Leah was unable to produce any more children her sense of worth was tarnished so in order to outshine her sister Rachel she bored children via her servant.  Wow isn't it amazing many females feel this way today?  As if they are only good for laying on their back. I need about 23 women to say the devil is a liar right through there lol.

 Gad name teaches us an important lesson and that is there is no such thing as good luck.  Though his name meant good luck his life was anything but lucky.  Jacob prophesied that he would be attacked by a band of raiders does that sound lucky to you?  His mother was a slave and didn't even get to lay claim to the child as she bore him for someone else does that sound lucky to you?  Gad ended up with the territory on the other side of the Jordan aka "The Promise Land" does that sound lucky to you? 

 Life isn't about luck it’s about trusting God despite the circumstances.  Remember we walk by faith not by sight.  God can make an unlucky situation into a blessing.  Just ask the first century believers whose persecution led to the spreading of the gospel message. Just ask the woman who was caught adultery how her shameful predicament led to her deliverance.  We serve an intentional God that doesn't operates by some pagan idea of karma or good luck but grants favor to his children as God so chooses.

Scripture Reference: Genesis 30

 God bless,

 Bondservant Hollis

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