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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lessons From Israel: Levi

As we continue our journey looking at the sons of Jacob or Israel we come to Levi.  Levi is the third son of Jacob by Leah.  He like his brother Simeon is most known for their uncontrollable anger.  What distinguishes Levi from his brother Simeon is the blessing he receives from his father.  Though Levi descendants would be scattered they would serve in the capacity of priests.  In Joshua instead of receiving the inheritance of the land the Lord would be there inheritance. 

Levi teaches us an important lesson and that is even though we have our issues we are still fit for service.  Levi like is his brother was revengeful and truth be told so are we.   However  that did not keep the Lord from utilizing the Levites for his service.  That's encouraging to know that I am not define by my issue.  This brings to mind the gospel even though the temple was destroyed and the Judeans were disperse or scattered due to persecution the gospel was still being spread.   In other words God can still accomplish God's purpose even when it seems like bad things are happening.

Levi teaches us that in simple terms that you don't have to be perfect to serve the Lord.  For the Romans writer extols that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

 Scripture Reference:  Genesis 49

 God bless,
 Bondservant Hollis

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