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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lessons From Israel: Dan

As we continue our journey through the twelve sons of Jacob we come to Dan.  Dan was the fifth son of Jacob, and the firstborn to his third wife, Bilhah.  Dan's story is interesting because even though Bilhah was his mother Rachel considered him her own. Bilhah was Rachel's servant and Rachel asked Bilhah to lay with Jacob and bore her a child.   Dan name means judge in Hebrew.   Jacob prophesies that Dan would provide justice for his people.   You may be familiar with Samson who was a descendant of Dan.

Dan teaches us an important life lesson and that is no matter how you were conceived you were conceived for a purpose.  Though Dan was conceived simply because Rachel was impatient God had a had a plan and a purpose for Dan's life.  He would provide justice for his people. I like many others didn't come from a two parent married couple home. In other words my conception was not intentional or planned but like Dan God has a purpose for my life.  The same is true for you God has a purpose for your life!!

What is this purpose?  To participate in God's mission of reconciliation and redemption in the world!  What that look likes for you I cannot say but for me it is showing compassion to the least of them.  In that way I provide justice for my people (God's image bearers) won't you join me?  How will you participate in God's redemption project?

Scripture Reference:  Genesis 49

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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