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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lessons From Israel: Reuben

Today we begin a new journey as we look at the descendants of Jacob. Jacob is most known for tricking his brother Esau out of his birthright and wrestling with the angel of Lord. The latter of which left him with a limp and a name change. He became known as Israel after his encounter with God. He went on to bore 12 sons from 5 different women. The first of which we will examine today.

Reuben whose name means behold, a son was Jacob's firstborn and was entitled in accordance with the Jewish tradition to receive the birthright and the larger share of his father's inheritance. Reuben however despise his father because he knew that his father didn't love his mother. Can you imagine knowing that father was married to your mother but was in love with someone else. This hatred grew to the point where Reuben slept with his father's wife (Bilhah). As result Reuben lose his inheritance and instead of received a curse from his father instead of the customary blessing.

Reuben is model of missed opportunity and unrealized potential. Many of us like Reuben has missed many opportunities and as result most certainly missed out on some form of blessings. Jacob prophesied that Reuben would be powerfully unstable. The descendants of Reuben went on to live out that fate. Reuben was supposed to be his father's pride and joy the one who would bring honor to his father's name. However Reuben blew it but his story reminds us that we don't have to.

But that's not how the story ends for Reuben in Revelation chapter 7 Reuben descendants are listed among the 144,000 from the tribes of Israel. This lets us know that even though we may blow some opportunities in our life there is always redemption available via the grace of GOD!

 Scripture Reference: Genesis 49

 God bless,

Bondservant Hollis

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