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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Soul Insurance

Many of you know that I work for the Risk Management Agency.  The basic reason that my agency exist is to provide farmers with crop insurance in case disaster causes their crops to fail to due natural causes.  This is a risk management tool that prevents the farmer from having a total loss, and offers the farmer some form of protection.  Common causes of loss are as follows:

  1. Adverse weather conditions.  As believers there are times in our life where we feel as if the conditions of our life are adverse or unpleasant.  Jesus offers us comfort and reassurance in these adverse conditions of life.
  2. Earthquake.  As believers there are times in our life where we feel as if our whole world has been shaken to the core or rock upside down.  Jesus offers us stability in these times for Jesus is our Rock whom cannot be shaken.
  3. Fire.  As believers we are told that we are going have to experience the fiery furnaces of life.  Jesus offers to walk through the fire with us.
  4. Volcanic Eruption.  As believers there are times in our lives where will feel like we are about erupt because of the pressures of life.  Jesus offers us his peace in these times.
Ultimately, without the Risk Management Agency many of the farmers would not be able to survive and would experience total disaster due to causes for which they have no control over.  Sadly, many people in America walk around without soul insurance.  We never know what can happen from one moment to the next.  So join me in providing individuals with insurance no I do not mean offering crop insurance, but offering individuals soul insurance.  What is soul insurance you ask?  The gospel of Jesus Christ!

Scripture Reference:  Romans 10:13

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis