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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Most Known Uknown: Zechariah

As we continue our journey through the most known unknown characters of the Bible we come to Zechariah. Zechariah like Haggai prophesied to the post-exilic Israelites. Zechariah message urged the people to show their repentance through obedience, reminding them that Yahweh places higher priority on obedience than on religious ritual.

Zechariah teaches us an important life lesson and that is just because we are in the church doesn't mean that the church is in us. In other words being religious is not as important as heart transformation. It is obedience to the will of the Father that Christ modeled for us. This moves worship from a Sunday morning experience to a lifestyle. Zechariah reminds us that God's desire is for all of his creation (nations) to worship him. Ultimately foreshadowing the prayer that Jesus prayed to the Father when he ask that they will be One just as you and I are One.

Remember your obedience is better than sacrifice. The question becomes what are you called to be obedient to? Participating in God's mission on the earth. What is God's mission? Redeeming all of creation back to God's self. How do I get the power to be obedient? The Gospel is the key as it is the power of God!!

Scripture Reference: Book of Zechariah

God bless,

Bondservant Hollis

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