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Monday, July 15, 2013

Most Known Uknown: Obadiah- You are your Brother's Keeper

Growing up in the south one of my favorite groups was Triple Six Mafia or Three 6 Mafia.  They were the self-proclaimed most known unknown. I imagine that's how many of the minor prophets feel.  People are somewhat familiar with their names but don't really know them. For next few days I want to introduce to you the biblical version of Triple 6 Mafia.

Obadiah whose name means servant of Yahweh teaches us an important lesson and that is we are our brother's keeper.  Short story shorter Obadiah tells the story of Judah and Edom who are descendants of Jacob and Esau.  In Judah's worst day as they were being taking captive Edom stood aloof and watch as their brother was being destroyed.  Not only did they not help their brother but they delighted in their misfortune.  As a result Yahweh's anger was kindled against Edom which teaches you and I that God is concern about how we treat our brother and sister.  The ability to help our brother and neglecting to do so is sin in the sight of our God.  So when:

  • You see your brother being taking advantage of and you sit idly by Yahweh's anger may be kindled against you.
  • You see your brother about to make a decision that you know will result in much pain and misery and you sit idly by Yahweh's anger may be kindled against you.
  • Rejoice when others fail or fall short Yahweh's anger may be kindled against you.
God holds us accountable for how we treat our brothers and sisters so let us learn this lesson from Obadiah.  Even though:

  • Cain didn't keep Abel
  • Nor did Nino Brow keep his brother
We are called to be our brother's keeper.  

Scripture Reference:  Obadiah 1-20

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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