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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Most Known Uknown: Habakkuk

As we continue our journey through the most known unknown characters in the Bible we find ourselves at Habakkuk.  Habakkuk prophesied prior to the downfall of Jerusalem in 586 BC.  Habakkuk questioned  Yahweh about the injustice he saw in Judah.  Habakkuk teaches us how to have faith during difficult times.

Many are familiar with Paul's reference to Habakkuk in Romans when he says the righteous will live by faith but it is Habakkuk who first brings us this concept.  Habakkuk notes that the just shall live by faith but how do you have faith in the midst of the worst season of your life?  For Habakkuk there was never a time in the history of Israel that was worst than this. Habakkuk had many questions for God and I know in some circles it may be taboo to question God.   However what kind relationship would it be with a God you can't ask questions?  Habakkuk asked questions and the Psalms are full of questions and raw emotions.  Faith doesn't mean that you don't ask any questions faith means that your trust in God's goodness never wavers.  I figured you wouldn't take my word for it so I brought some witnesses:

  • Ask Daniel and he will tell you that in your lion's den situations the just will live by faith
  • Ask the Three Hebrew Boys and they will tell you that in your fiery furnace situations the just will live by faith.
Habakkuk saw a vision of a Warrior-King which assured him of the Lord's ability to sustain His followers through difficult times. I haven't seen a vision like Habakkuk but I have seen God make a way out of no way when my bills outweighed my income but bills were always paid.  I have seen God give me peace in the midst of plenty of storms.   I tell you the just will live by faith.

Scripture Reference: Book of Habakkuk

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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