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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Day Another Dollar

Another day another dollar is a mindset that is prevalent in many working communities.  It suggests that this is just another day and that my goal is just to make it through the day and earn my daily wages.  Even those who are currently unemployed or disabled have a similar mindset and suggest things like this is just another day I am trying to make it through.  I like many of you have been guilty of saying this.

Here is the troubling part this lethargic mindset often translates over to how we view God.  Like the job we become complacent with God.  Like the job we become ungrateful towards God.  Like the job we feel like we deserve more from God.  Like the job we feel unfulfilled in the kingdom of God.

What happened to being grateful for a job in a society that has experienced record inflation and unemployment.  What happened to being grateful to the God who supplied the job. What happened to thanking the God who kept God's word when God promised to supply all of your needs whether it be through a job, disability, etc. 

Every day is a day thanksgiving!  Every day is opportunity to be fellowship with True and Living God!  Every day is an opportunity to live better than the previous day!  The Psalmist declared that better is one day in your (LORD GOD ALMIGHTY) courts than a thousand elsewhere! 

I don't about you but I resolved to be grateful for every day and excited about the opportunity that each day can bring!  With God every day is the best day of your life!!  For truly this is the day that the Lord has made and I shall rejoice and be glad in it!

Scripture Reference: Psalms 84:10

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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