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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

All Rise:The Honorable Samson Presiding

As we bring our journey through the "Judges" of Israel to a close we come to undoubtedly the most infamous one of them all Samson.  You know the story of Samson who was to be consecrated as a Nazarite from birth meaning he wouldn't drink wine or consume anything from the vine.  Lord knows I love me some grapes!  He also wouldn't cut his hair.  As the narrative progresses he falls in love with a woman he is not supposed to get entangled with.  Samson believed that his hair was the source of his strength as Samson possessed superhuman strength.  Samson  killed a lion bear-handed, he killed 30 Philistines at Ashkelon and thousand more with a jawbone of an ass just to name a few of his amazing deeds due to his supernatural strength.  The woman eventually seduces Samson and cuts his hair and in turn Samson loses his superhuman strength.  He was blinded and put in jail as a result but when he cried out to the Lord Yahweh restored his strength to him.  Samson story has a tragic ending has he pulled down the Temple of Dagon killing himself and about 3,000 Philistines.

Samson life teaches us an important lesson and that is this God is the source of our strength.  Like the late great James Cleveland wrote in his classic "God is".   However like Samson we have the tendency to try to find  strength in other places i.e. church, family etc.  Like Samson we will find ourselves in situations where we will have to call out or cry out for HIS strength!  God is the source and the strength of my life is what the songwriter said and would have to agree.

So remember God is!  I know its simply but it's true God is!

Scripture Reference: Judges 13

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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