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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All Rise: The Honorable Gideon Presiding

As we continue our journey through the "Judges," of Israel we come to Gideon.  Gideon is one of the more popular judges.  You may remember the story of the fleece where Gideon has this back and forth with Yahweh asking Yahweh for a sign not once but twice.  Or you may remember Yahweh telling Gideon to reduce the size of his army from 32,000 down to 300.  Or you made remember Gideon hiding in the wine press.

Gideon teaches us an important lesson and that is it does not matter what you think about you but only what God thinks about you.  Notice what happens to Gideon. Gideon was hiding and was afraid.  Yahweh calls Gideon man of valor or brave warrior.  Gideon thought of himself as weak and fearful while Yahweh declared that he was brave and courageous.  Gideon had to make a decision about whose report he was going to believe.  God had a plan to use Gideon in a mighty way but Gideon had to push past fear and self-doubt to walk in who God declared he was.  Gideon thought because he was from a poor small tribe that he wasn't able to be used by Yahweh but Yahweh had other plans for him!

Like Gideon let us embrace what God says about us and walk in the purpose that God called us to.

Scripture Reference: Judges 6-8

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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