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Monday, September 9, 2013

All Rise: The Honorable Shamgar Presiding

As we continue our journey through the Judges of Israel we come to Shamgar. Judges 3:31 records the little known story of Shamgar.  In fact there are only two verses that even mentions his name (Judges 3:31 and Judges 5:6). That's right 42 words tell his story. Shamgar was an example of an individual of who simply used what he had for the glory of God. God was looking for someone who would stand up and defend his honor. All of the Israelites were paralyzed with fear, but not Shamgar.

Shamgar decided despite what he did not have a sword or a shield he would use what he had for the glory of God! He did not allow fear of the enemy to keep him from being used by God. Shamgar could have made excuses but he decided to use what he had for the glory of God. So he used his ox-goad and killed six hundred Philistines to deliver Israel.

This teaches us that God will give you the victory in whatever it is he is calling you to do if you are willing to use what you have for the glory of God! Shamgar used his ox-goad! The question becomes what is your ox-goad? Will you use it for the glory of God?

Scripture Reference: Judges 3:31

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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