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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just One Taste

Do you like Lay's potato chips?  I going to presume that the answer would be yes. Remember I didn't ask you if you were on a diet and choose not to eat them.  I am asking all other things held equal do you like Lay's potato chips? Yes, is the safe assumption for about 99% of us.  I am country boy and I believe that Golden Flake makes the best potato chips.  Where my people from the Southeast at?  The point is this Lay's makes the claim that I bet you can't eat just one!  There presumption is if you eat one chip that you will innately desire another chip.

Perhaps one of my favorite passages of scripture is Psalms 34.  In particular Psalms 34:8 where it says taste and see that the Lord is Good. I submit to you today if you read one verses you will have that same innate desire to read another verse.  Verses are like potato chips in a sense because you can't read just one and get the substance you need.  Just as you have to eat chip after chip to become somewhat satisfied you need verses after verse to somewhat satisfy your spiritual hunger.

So today try just one verse I bet you can't read just one!

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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