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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ain't No Shame In My Game

Growing up a country boy we often used the phrase, "Ain't No Shame in My Game,"  when we did something that would typically be embarrassing to other people.  That is the response that David gives Michal his wife when she questions his praise.  The ark of the covenant was returned to Jerusalem and as result there was a great worship celebration that transpired led by David.  David praised and worshipped God so hard that he became exposed in a honor and shame society this was considered dishonorable but David continued to worship.   David teaches you and I a few principles here:

  • It's often the people closest to us that try to hinder our worship.
  • There is something about being in the presence of the Lord that brings about praise and worship.
  • When it comes to praising God there is no such thing as it don't take all of that!
David teaches you and I that when it comes to expressing our gratitude to God that we don't have to be ashamed to lift up the name of the LORD.  So next time you breakout into praise mode whether in car with your spouse, friends, etc tell them ain't no shame in my game.  So the next time you breakout in to praise mode at your cubicle or office tell them ain't no shame in my game.  Wherever you feel so inspired lift up the name of the Lord.

Scripture Reference: 2 Samuel 6

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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