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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Press On

Adoniram Judson is remembered as the Apostle to Burma.  He responded to the Great Commission in a resounding way.  He felt that God had called him to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Burma also known as Myanmar.   He suffered many setbacks in his travels he lost children, wives, and his health failed him on several occasions.  He had every reason not to PRESS ON, but he continued because he had a desire to see the Burmese people have a Bible in their own language.  You see he had to forget about his past the many setbacks (the bad) and even that first Burmese person who accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ (the good).  He had to Press ON.   His strength to PRESS ON came from his intimate relationship with Jesus Christ even when he was imprisoned for sharing the Gospel he had memorized scriptures and translated them in his head and would share with his fellow inmates.   He like Paul had a desire to know Christ perfectly and to share that desire with the world.  

What’s keeping you from PRESSING ON?  Let us like Paul PRESS ON, Like Mr. Judson PRESS ON, but ultimately like Jesus Christ who PRESSED ON by Golgotha Hill’s on up to Calvary’s Mountain he PRESSED ON passed death on up to resurrection, he PRESSED ON passed earth on up to heaven, He PRESSED ON past condemnation and onto forgiveness, he PRESSED ON past disobedience onto obedience, and PRESSED ON passed condemnation onto salvation! 

Scripture Reference:  Philippians 3:14

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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