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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Transitions of Life

Life is all about transition.  Yet, transition is the one thing that people seem to struggle with the most.  What is interesting is most of the biblical models we have to follow were transitional people.  For example, one of the first transitional characters we meet in the biblical text is Abram from the land of Ur.  Abram was told to leave his homeland and go to a land unknown but a land that God would show him.

  1. Abram teaches us that transition requires us to leave our comfort zones and trust God to be our comfort.
Another example of dealing with transiton can be found in the life of Saul of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible).  Saul is an example of how not to deal with the transition.  Saul went from one the smallest tribe of the nation of Israel to king, but he could not handle the transition from kingship.

  1. Saul teaches us that transition requires humility and willingness to accept change even if it not a change we agree with.
Life is full of transitions how we deal with these transitions will reveal our true character.  It was revealed that Abram was a man of faith and it was revealed that Saul was prideful man.  What will the transitions of life reveal about you?

Scripture Reference: Genesis 12

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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