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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Follow The Leader: The Spirit Says

One of the earliest games we ever learn in life is follow the leader.  In this game in order to participate you have to follow the actions of the leader.  In order to be successful at this game you have to WAIT until you the Leader initiates the actions.  Patience is something that we as believers often struggle with.  What's interesting is how earlier in life that this virtue as some consider it is attempted to be developed in our lives.  Whether it's "Simon Says" or "Follow The Leader," patience is required. 

As believers we know that patience is a gift from God. In order to be successful at the game of life you have to follow the leader!!  Who is this leader we are to follow?  The Holy Spirit whose role is to GUIDE us in all the ways of righteousness and truth.  It requires patience to WAIT and hear what the Spirit has to say!  Often times we act before we think with our actions suggesting we know what's best.   We often lose at the simple game of  "The Spirit Says."  I believe this what the writer had in mind when he said that you have to have childlike faith to enter to the Kingdom.  So let's not be so quick to act but remember that little game we use to play as children and WAIT to follow the leader!

Scripture Reference:  John 16:13

God bless,
Bondservant Hollis

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